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Buffalo Soldiers MC of Huntsville, Alabama

Buffalo Soldiers MC Huntsville AL

Welcome to the Huntsville Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers M/C
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Welcome to The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Huntsville, Alabama (BSMCHSV) website. The BSMCHSV is part of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC). We do not claim any area or territory; we ride to honor the history of the “Buffalo Soldiers”.

Our goal is to educate the public about the rich history of the “Buffalo Soldiers”. We exist to continue the tradition of service to the nation as established by our military ancestors. The “Buffalo Soldiers” are part of our African American Heritage, and we wear our colors with pride as we respectfully represent their history.

While many people may have heard of the “Buffalo Soldiers,” many are not aware of their history and contributions to the Huntsville area. In 1888-99, the Tenth Cavalry encamped at Cavalry Hill; the current location of Huntsville’s Academy for Academics and Arts and the “Buffalo Soldiers” monument. As Huntsville has grown over the years, so has the appreciation of the valiant efforts of the “Buffalo Soldiers” Tenth Cavalry’s important role in the city’s history and their contributions to the Spanish American War.

Mission Statement:

The 9th and 10th U. S. Cavalry-"Buffalo Soldiers"-were recipients of hand-me-down uniforms, equipment, weapons...and discrimination. Of all American soldiers, they had the hardest fight. There was not only the enemy to defeat, but the hearts and minds of their fellow soldiers were to be won.

Our mission is to never let the legacy of these great and honorable men be forgotten. To accomplish this, we strive to instill pride in the minds and hearts of our youth. We gladly provide mentorship and education to those unaware of the true history of the 9th and 10th Cavalry units. We wear the colors, and ride under the name ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ to express our pride and respect for our comrades, grandfathers, fathers, uncles, sons and brothers. We are a non-profit organization comprised mainly of African American men and women who love, and are dedicated to the sport of motorcycling. We also promote a positive image of African Americans across the country. As a motorcycle club we pride ourselves in our dedication to family, community, charitable organizations, God and country. We are a Motorcycle Riding Club that provides a safe and friendly environment for members and their families.

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